Souls of Imperfection

“The idea of perfection is a farcical fantasy that distracts us from being present. Over years of self-reflection I have come to realise that surrendering to who we are is the answer to happiness. I celebrate the process; the marvelous unfinishedness of life, with all its ebbs and flows.
We are all souls of imperfection.”
Founder, Manpriya Bath

Patricia A.

Simply stunning

I’m delighted to add my name to the many who find her designs exquisite.. Whenever I wear her jewellery, people notice because not only are they things of beauty but she gives them a contemporary and modern twist. Quite simply stunning

Ngila B.

Wonderful jewels

My first purchase from Manpriya  – a pair of diamond slice earrings –  have given me enormous pleasure. Whenever I wear them they are always complemented by friends and strangers alike

Hallie S.

Beauty and creativity

It’s been about 20 years since I bought my first piece from Manpriya. Throughout all that time I have always been impressed by the beauty and creativity of her designs. They are always wearable, comfortable and timeless. Each piece holds a special place in my life.

Sarah D.

Designs ooze flair and personality

I have purchased a number of pieces from Manpriya B having not previously owned much fine jewellery. And now I’m a convert! I always feel special when I wear one of her pieces – the designs ooze flair and personality. Combined with attention to detail and the high quality of each and every hand picked stone – I know I am taking a little bit of my own history, style and glamour wherever I go.

Gill K.

Attention to detail and vision

I am an avid fan of Manpriya’s collections. It is a sparkling array of high quality, unique pieces which showcases her many talents.

Cynthia P.

Eye catching, classic designs

Manpriya’s flair for design catches everyone’s eye and the stone selection has always been excellent. Many of my friends have now become clients of Manpriya B – need I say more?

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