RIDE THE WAVE is a reflection of life and the ever-changing facets of our personalities as we traverse the passage of time. The curvilinear design, with its coils and twists, echo the body of Manpriya’s signature snake. This silhouette represents an uncharted path, characterised by ebbs and flows, that ultimately guide us towards our true self. Each distinctive undulation encapsulates a renewed sense of harmony and equilibrium, celebrating imperfections that narrate a captivating story of beauty.

Embracing the new while shedding the old, founder, Manpriya Bath revisits her former selves to design a collection infused with the wisdom she has gained through her voyage of life. Drawn to the peculiarity of sliced diamonds, MANPRIYA believes each slice, much like every individual, carries its own story. The presence of dark or cloudy inclusions in slice diamonds, that call to mind the scales of a snake, might have diminished the value of a more conventional diamond, but it is precisely these unique anomalies of nature that set each piece in this collection apart from the rest. 

RIDE THE WAVE manifests a design signature for the brand that sees undulating forms that are inherent to each slice of diamond, surrounded by a pave of diamonds in a curvilinear silhouette. This design element is seen across stud earrings, hoops, chandelier earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets and rings in black rhodium and yellow gold.

A beautiful tension emerges in MANPRIYA’s work that speaks to dualisms of life, a delicate interplay between light and darkness. The pursuit of perfection is a matter of perspective and RIDE THE WAVE defies the notions of conventional beauty by presenting an alternate point of view.


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