MANPRIYA is a contemporary fine jewellery brand born through a collision of cultures. Founder Manpriya Bath, marries her indian heritage with global sensibilities, manifesting a design language that percolates borders and resonates with every woman. Priding itself in high-quality jewellery, MANPRIYA exudes the marvelous unfinishedness of life, with all its ebbs and flows. The brand is an ode to life’s imperfections, empowering women to celebrate their unique spirits and individual stories.

Committed to crafting beauty out of ordinary objects, Manpriya is known to use slice diamonds in her designs creating jewellery that is classic with an edge. Often used in Indian jewellery, slice diamonds were traditionally backed in foil for added sparkle, but Manpriya wanted to embrace the raw and inherent beauty of these diamonds in their purest transparent form. By selecting lighter slices and opting for an open setting, MANPRIYA achieves a perfect synthesis of heritage and modernity, seamlessly bridging the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, the high and the low.


Manpriya’s fascination with jewellery began in her childhood as her mother transformed their home garage into a workshop for their personal craftsmen. Enthralled by these artisans, she learned the craft firsthand from the bench. In the early 1990s, after becoming a certified gemologist, Manpriya opened ‘Monpri’ in the prestigious Santushti shopping arcade, a stone’s throw from the prime minister’s residence in Delhi. Through travelling with her parents to some of Europe’s most exquisite design and jewellery stores, she began creating jewellery influenced by western sensibilities but specialising in vibrant semi-precious gemstones, unique for India at that time. The brand gained acclaim, attracting Delhi’s elite and international figures like Princess Diana and Hilary Clinton. After marrying and moving to London, Manpriya launched in the city’s fine jewellery scene in 2017, focussing mainly on bespoke high jewellery pieces.

This November 2023, Manpriya launches its reimagined identity as MANPRIYA, dropping the ‘B’ to symbolise a new era of innovation and evolution. With a renewed vision, the brand is committed to creating contemporary classic jewellery with a twist, all while staying committed to its core principle of capturing life’s dualities.