MANPRIYA presents Rocky Roads, a captivating collection of jewellery that takes traditionally perceived ‘ugly’ forms and accentuates their beauty through thought-provoking design. 

Drawing inspiration from the natural contours of precious stones, Rocky Roads seamlessly merges futuristic design with gobstopper-sized gemstones. Each piece is purposely crafted to retain the original size and ‘tumbled’ form of the raw stones to emphasise their beauty and make every creation a distinctive masterpiece that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Specially curated by founder Manpriya, the gemstone’s chosen have extraordinary brilliance and depth of colour, featuring golden citrine, midnight blue tanzanite, deep purple amethyst and blush pink rose quartz. Entirely hand-crafted at the brand’s atelier in Jaipur, these stones are delicately nestled in settings of white and yellow 18k gold or silver, spangled with dazzling diamonds and vibrant semi-precious stones. Whether gracing rings or earrings, these design details add to the allure and brilliance of the enchanting spirit of the gemstones. 

Bold, brilliant and beautiful, Rocky Roads is the epitome of statement jewellery created for women who radiate flair and exude confidence.

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