Meet Manpriya – Founder, Jeweller & Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Manpriya Bath shares her learnings on Motherhood.

1. What does motherhood mean to you and how has it changed you?

Motherhood has been a profound teacher, revealing the depths of my own character. It has shown me the meaning of unconditional love, selflessness, and prioritising another person’s needs above my own. While everything in my life prior to this point seemed to flow effortlessly, motherhood brought a newfound clarity and purpose to my existence. It has connected me to the world in a way I had never experienced before, making me feel whole, complete, and fulfilled.

I remember the first time we ventured out to buy a pushchair while I was pregnant with my first child—it felt unfamiliar and awkward. Yet, the moment my son entered the world, all those uncertainties vanished, replaced by a deep-seated instinct.

Becoming a mother has also led me to reflect on my own upbringing and the privileges I enjoyed. It’s only through this journey that I’ve come to appreciate the sacrifices my own mother made for me. Teaching me to respect the diverse perspectives and values of different generations, recognising the richness they offer.

2. How would you describe your parenting style?

Coming from an Indian background where parents are often overly protective, I wanted to take a different approach to parenting. I desired to empower my children to be independent individuals. While I can’t control every aspect of their lives or dictate their paths, I strive to provide them with unwavering love and support. I understand that they will inevitably make mistakes and face challenges, but I believe in giving them the confidence and security to navigate their own journeys.

I believe in setting boundaries for children from a young age, as I’ve found that it helps them stay focused and on the right path. However, as the world evolves and presents new challenges for the younger generation, I am constantly learning and adapting my parenting style. I’ve learned to be a better listener and to allow my children the space to discover their own paths and values, without imposing too many of my own views upon them. Ultimately, I want to guide them towards becoming confident, self-assured individuals who are capable of making their own decisions and living authentically.

3. What’s been your favourite memory of being a mother?

Every phase of life brings its own set of cherished memories for me. Our family holidays when the children were young hold a special place in my heart, especially our skiing trips and road trips around Europe. The conversations with my kids during those travels were precious, filled with innocence and discovery.

As my children have grown older, our dynamic has shifted. My daughter and I have developed a close bond, almost like best friends. Our regular visits to Paris are a testament to that bond. She’s become my confidante, and I find myself learning so much from her. Despite being only 21, she possesses a remarkable level of discipline that you wouldn’t typically see in someone of her age. She’s been a driving force behind my confidence in my jewellery brand, always encouraging and supporting me. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom in various aspects of life never ceases to amaze me.

It’s interesting how the roles between parents and children evolve over time. We spend years nurturing and guiding them, but eventually, they become our teachers, showing us new perspectives and helping us grow. It’s a beautiful cycle of learning and growth that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

4. How has your relationship with your own mother influenced your approach to parenting?

My mother is truly extraordinary. At 80 years old, she epitomises elegance and refinement, setting the standard for taste in her generation. It’s pure magic to see her grace and sensibility in action. She’s been my guiding light in the world of jewellery, instilling in me the importance of craftsmanship and the value of honouring it. She taught me to trust in my own sense of style, to eschew trends, and to prioritise quality over quantity. Her influence extends not only to me but also to my daughter.

Becoming a mother myself, I initially believed I had all the answers and that my parents couldn’t possibly understand. However, when my own children began to challenge me in the same way, it was a profound awakening. While my mother’s approach was often strict and particular, it was always rooted in unconditional love and protection. I’ve strived to preserve the most memorable aspects of her parenting while also allowing myself to evolve and grow as a parent in my own right.

5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to new mothers?

Every parent has their unique style and circumstances, and I certainly don’t claim to be an authority on parenting. However, if I were to offer advice to future mothers, it would be this: cherish every single moment and capture as many memories as you can through photographs. Time flies by so quickly, and looking back at photos allows you to relive those moments of joy, laughter, and connection. Children grow up and eventually leave the nest, but a photograph serves as a timeless reminder of the beautiful journey you’ve shared together.